June 2012

While visiting the East Longmeadow Library the Librarian told me that a little boy named Ryan will be attending the show.  He told the librarians earlier:

“He is Big Ryan and I am Little Ryan - but when I turn 4 on my birthday there will be 2 Big Ryans!”

Make sure you keep your calendar open in the afternoon - I will be at the Attleboro Library at 2:00 ready to tell some fantastic stories!  Make sure you’re there!  Click on the image for more info!

I will be at the East Longmeadow Library at 11:00 in the AM, I can’t wait to go back!  Please come by if you’re in the area!  I know that is a hike and a half - so if you’re more local and want to wait  I will be at the WIC in Plymouth at 3:00 - or if you want to wait until the evening I will be at the Holmes Public Library at 6:30!  See you tomorrow!


I was informed that The Book Shack in the Independence Mall in Kingston has sold all out of my CDs - so I sent over some more!  So, if you’re looking for a great storytelling disc please head over to the Book Shack and purchase one of Big Ryan’s Tall Tales CDs today!

upcoming shows

The summer is almost full - I do have dates left (as well as being able to fit shows into the evenings as well) - but if you’d like to book a Big Ryan show CALL TODAY! (508) 641 5336