July 2012

Make sure you come by the Dennis Public Library tomorrow at 2:00 to see one of the best shows ever!  I have it on good authority that it’s great… true, I am the one performing, but I can be unbiased too… Click on image above for more info!

 Lex 1

I don’t think I can say I have a “little” girl anymore - which makes me both sad and proud.  Lex is such a big girl now.  She doesn’t need me to help her eat or color or get into bed.  She tells me she can do it herself.  That kills me in the best way possible.

Lex 2

Everywhere we go I see her being more independant.  It’s so fun and heartbreaking to watch.  What a mix of emotions.  But - she is still - and will always be my little girl:

tired time

My nephew asked my sister-in-law “How old are you?”

She responded with “39″

He asked her “Is this the first time being 39?”

She told him “Yes”

“Well,” he continued “What number are you going to be next?”

She informed him that she will be 40 next and he said “40!  Woah… I counted to that once…”

Come to the library this morning to see a fantastic show!  And I will be there too!  Just Kidding - I AM the fantastic show!  Hope to see everyone there!  Click on the cartoon above to get all the details!

I might be a little late with all of this info - but it’s always good to know!  Below are the medal winners from 2012:

Newbery: Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos

See other winners here

Caldecott: A Ball for Daisy by Chris Rashka

See other winners here

I know this is not on my calendar - I must get to updating that soon - but I do have a great show planned for tomorrow!  There is a grand opening for a Arts and Wellness Center tomorrow in Marion - click the image for more info (like where to go!) - I will be doing a show there at 11:00am - make sure you come to check it out - and to giggle at my stories!

I have the rundown of my day tomorrow and it is one busy day!  Try to make a show… or two!  I have a whole day of Library shows - here’s the schedule:

Hope to see lots and lots of people there!  Come one come all!