September 2012

lex lib

Starting next week I will be hosting the Building Stories Workshop that I did last year - slight changes - it will run for the first 4 weeks in October and be for 2nd to 5th graders!  Sign up today!  Click the image above (of my little girl when she was just a year old!) for more info!

Come to Wareham to the Cranberry Harvest Festival on October 6th and 7th to enjoy the fantastic events!  I included myself in the “fantastic events” part - did you catch that?  So yes, I will be there and it will be a blast - so come on by and have some fun!  Click on the image for more info.

Click the corn above to be brought to a run-down of the day’s events.  I have 2 shows per day - make sure to come and have a blast with me!  It should be a fun-filled weekend!

Make sure you have time to stop by the Kingston Library at 1:00 - I will be there to celebrate Old Home Day!  There will be plenty of laughs to be had - so come on by tomorrow and have a blast!

Title: The Cat Who Walked Across France
Author: Kate Banks
Publisher: Frances Foster Books

I am sorry I lapsed in showcasing a book of the month! Now that the busy summer has ended I have an opportunity to get back on track! Here is a fantastic book I found while visiting Harwich this past July. I had a great experience visiting France many years ago - I still look back at that time fondly. If you have a chance, take a look at this visually wonderful book!

Yes, I will be at the Falmouth Library in the morning and I am looking forward to breaking out my Fall stories!  Come on by to get in the mood for that wonderful fall feeling!  Come and have a blast!