December 2012


I was asked to perform at a birthday party this past month - and even though I very rarely do parties - I was happy to do so for a big fan.  The mother said that her children were avid listeners to my CDs and even asked if was okay to make requests.  I gladly did and showed up that day ready to tell my tales.  I was greeted at the door by a very ecstatic young gentleman who was super excited to hear stories at his party - but also I was told that the cake that the mother prepared was inspired by one of my favorite and oldest Moose and Wolf tales “Treat for Bear”  The image above is the beautiful cake featuring Moose and Wolf who have gone with Mr. Bear to eat the strawberries and blueberries that he had picked.  Thanks so much for sending me pics so that I may share this amazing edible wonder with everyone!


Come one, come all to the Whitman Public Library for a winter show unlike any others you have seen!  Unless you have been to my show before - then you know what you will see… but it’s still AWESOME!  The show begins at 3:30, see you all there!

Here is a sneak preview of which book I will be featuring during the Dad’s Group tomorrow.  If you have registered with Playmouth Family Network - then great!  I will see you tomorrow at 10:00!  If not - you can always register for January’s event!  See you all tomorrow!

Title: Stella, Queen of the Snow
Author: Marie Louise Gay
Illustrator: Marie Louise Gay

There are a lot of books about kids in the snow - and this is one of the tops. A big sister has to answer the thousand of questions that her little brother has about snow. My favorite was “What do snowmen eat?” I’ve always thought, if they get really hungry, they can eat their carrot nose.