March 2013

I don’t usually share two of these so close - but this story really made my day.

I was finishing up a show and the teachers asked if they could get a picture with me and all the kids.  I said “Of course!” and all the children crowded around me.  One little boy, standing next to me, smiled at me and said

“You smell good Big Ryan, you should smell yourself!”

It made me laugh.

This one came from my sister in law who told me that, while at work, she was riding the elevator and a man began talking about a birthday party he attended over the weekend.  The man said that the party was crazy with all the children running around like maniacs.  He then said “…and then this storyteller guy came in and there wasn’t a sound out of those kids.  They were mesmerized!”

My sister in law asked “Was the storyteller Big Ryan’s Tall Tales?”

He acknowleged that it was and said “Do you know him?”

“He’s my brother in law.”

“How does he do that?”

“It’s a mystery to all of us.” She said back.


Even after a wonderful week at Bridgewater I am still booked solid this weekend with 2 shows!  First up is the 10:30 show at the Fiske Library in Wrenthem!  This is my first visit to the Fiske Library - I am looking forward to it!  Click on the image above for more info!

After that I am heading toward Attleboro for a 2:45 show at the Attleboro Arts Museum Annual Flower show!  Make sure you make time to come by and see the beautiful sights, the amazing floral displays and of course buy some flowers to bring home to plant in your garden!  Come on by and let it feel like Spring!  Click the image for more info!

I am a fan of top ten lists - especially when they give great advice - like keeping the kids off soda… not to mention adults.  Click on the can for the link!


Thanks to technology I was emailed two pictures from last night’s event!  Thanks again Tina - and the parent - who sent me the photos!

fal 2


That’s right - my FB page has exclusive photos and up to the minute reminders about upcomng shows - so make sure you “Like” the page!  I am up to 300 likes!  Be #301!


Sooo… I will be at the Lakeville Library tomorrow at 11:30 and 12:30 - I am pretty certain everyone who comes will have an amazing time.  I don’t give out guarantees - but I am about 94.328% sure everyone will have a great time!

I am looking forward to going back to Healthtrax in Hanover for a 10:00 show - come on by if you are in the area - check out the beautiful facilities while I entertain the kids!


Week 3 begins at the Plymouth Library at 1:00 - bring your kids and let them have some fun reading and writing!  I know it sounds like work - but it truly is fun!  Let them experience it for themselves!  TODAY at 1:00.

There is a ton of great stuff happeneing at the Harbor Building at 44 Jericho Rd, Scituate - including ME!  I will be there at 1:30 - make sure you come and check it out!