June 2013

My annual trip to the Winslow House will be this morning at 10:30 - there is a $5 admission for children - but parents get in for free!  The trip to the Winslow House has become one of the reasons I look forward to summer every year!  Pics on my FB will come in the AM.  If you’re not a fan of my Facebook page - you should totally think about changing that… immediately!

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Eastham hota

I had a blast at the Hands on the Arts Festival today. The children were such a great group who told me their favorite Popsicles in the end.See a few more pics on my FaceBook page!

I knew it!

upcoming shows

Please take note that the Winslow House performance is actually on the 21st of June - not on the 14th as originally posted!  Sorry if this caused confusion - but see you next Friday at the Winslow House!

By the way, calls are still coming in for summer dates - so if you’d like to book something please make sure you call today!

(508) 641.5336

Title: Birdsongs
Author: Betsy Franco
Illustrator: Steve Jenkins
Publisher: Margaret K Elderberry Books

Steve Jenkins has been a favorite of mine for a LONG time - one of the best books I have offered up as a BOTM was a classic of his called Looking Down. Mix this with my love for watching birds and you have a winning combination and a winner of a children’s book!  One of the best things about taking interests in birds is hearing their different calls and telling them apart!