July 2013

If you know my stories then you know that all of them are about 3 friends who live in the same neighborhood - Amy, Sarah and… George!  Princess Kate must’ve known this - otherwise why would she choose that name?  It just HAS to be it!

In other news, I am heading to the Dennis Public Library tomorrow for a 2:00 show - come on by to hear more about the new royal prince!

Make sure you come to one of the two shows tomorrow!  I will be in Fall River at the Library at 11:00am and then I am heading all the way to Provincetown for an evening show at the library at 6:30!  It should be a blast!  I am always excited to head back to Provincetown to see the art and take in the sights - and of course tell my stories!  See you soon!

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I am psyched up to head to the Plymouth Library this morning for an 11:00 show!  I hope to see a large crowd there - as usual - and I hope everyone is ready to laugh!  I know I will be ready to entertain!  I am still trying to decide which puppets I should bring… but I am thinking about bringing the dogs back out - they have yet to come out this summer!

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Watch out for wayward rocks while painting lines in a parking lot!

Which reminds me - if you have yet to like my FB page be sure to do so!  I am always putting up great pics and reminders for all my shows!  Help me reach 400 by the summer’s end!

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Hingham 2

I will be at the Hingham Library today - it will be a blast! I can’t see in the future or anything, but I do have confidence! Come by today at 2:00!

I will be at the Rockland Library tomorrow at 3:00!  I know with the 4th past us some people think the summer is over - even the schools have put out Back to School supplies - but for many others, including me, the summer has JUST BEGUN!  Come out of the heat tomorrow and laugh your bottoms off with me at the Rockland Library!

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Happy Independence Day!


This isn’t going to be a very long entry or anything - no worries there - but I always find it interesting what the children who visit my shows are most interested in.  I constantly get the questions about how I learned how to juggle.  Truth is, I taught myself how to juggle and for no other reason than I could.  I taught myself in one afternnon while working in my preschool classroom.  I was years away from even thinking about being a storyteller - but something compelled me to figure out how to juggle.


I was finishing up a game of bullseye with the kids - we were using bean bags and throwing them through holes, or “bullseyes” - and I was holding onto three of the bean bags.  As the little ones ran off to different areas I was overseeing the classroom and thinking about how I could juggle the bags in my hand.  I tried to break it down in my head - it’s simple, I thought, just throw a bean bag up in the air and before I catch it throw the one in my other hand up.  Catch the first bean bag and then throw the bag in my other hand up before catching the one in the air.  I continued to think how simple it seemed in my head… and then I tried it.

 more fun at truro

I dropped all three bags on the floor.  I picked them up and tried again.  I dropped only two - but was still no where NEAR learning how to juggle.  But I tried again.  One of the kids asked me what I was doing and I told him trying to learn how to juggle.  The boy went back to coloring, not really interested in watching me drop and then pick up any more bean bags, and I continued to try and try again.

I am not sure how many times it took me to figure it out.  I know it was about 3:00 when I started and I did one jug (that’s what they call one round of juggling) before I went home at 5:30.  I am not sure how many times I picked up those bean bags and tried to catch them in my hands - but I do know I did not give up.  I continued to try until it made sense to me and I could juggle with confidence.

Ready to Juggle!

So, when people ask me how I learned how to juggle - I simply tell them - Don’t give up.

 holmes lib

Come get out of the humidity with a fun filled, fantastic show from Big Ryan this evening!  Starting at 6:30 at the Holmes Library in Halifax it ts the perfect way to end your July, summer evening.  I will see you all there!  Make sure to click the image above for more information!