September 2013

If you would lie to sign up for the brand new session of Building Stories it starts this Saturday at the Bourne Library at 3:00pm.  Call the library today to sign up - space is very limited!  Click on the image above for more information!


Lex in her new pajamas. Best day ever!  Lex SMASH bedtime!

Come on over to Norwell to the South Shore Natural Science Center for the 37th Annual Corn Festival!  I have shows at both 12:00 & 2:00 but there are fantastic events going on all day!  Make sure to come ready to have a blast!  Click on the corn above for more information!

Click on the pic above to see how amazing the Octopus really is!


This is a barn spider. It’s huge and it’s right outside my kitchen window. I wanted to destroy it’s web and relocate this humongous arachnid - but after my search on the interweb revealed that this is the same kind of spider that Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web is based on… well, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I am going to wait until morning - if the web spells out “Big Ryan” then it can stay - otherwise this little non-bug is out of here!

Title: King of the Playground
Author: Phillis Reynolds Naylor
Illustrator: Nola Langer Malone
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks

Here we are heading back to school!  Bullying is still a really big topic these days - and for good reason - no one should have to be bullied.  There is another aspect of bullying that we should not overlook and that is children standing up for themselves.  This book handles both sides of the coin very well and is a perfect resource for anyone who is having trouble dealing with with this senstive issue.