November 2013

I know it might be a lot to ask of people to not shop on Black Friday - but if you are one of the families that drop the consumerism and want some family friendly event to attend - come to the Jingle Bell Walk tomorrow!  This is an annual event that I have been part of for the past 5  years or so - if you’ve never been, it’s so worth it!

Click on Ole’ Saint Nick above to get more information about tomorrow’s event.  My show begins at 3:00!


I hope everyone out there has a safe and fun Thanksgiving! Make some memories that you will be telling people about for years to come!

Saturday will be a busy day - my first stop is at the Norwell Library for the Fall Festival, make sure you stop by!  My stories will be starting at 10:30am.  Then, I am going to be happily heading to the Ipswich Library for a 2:00pm show!  Make sure to come by one of the shows - they will be full of fantastic fall fun!  Click on the images for more information.


Here is a letter that a student wrote me after I did a show at her school last year.  I like the part where she mentions “everyone was at least smiling”.  I will take that as a win!

upcoming shows

I now have January ‘14 on the schedule… wow - it seems too close yet so far away!

Booking for Winter and 2014 dates - so if you’d like to book something please make sure you call today!

(508) 641-5336

Title: Song and Dance Man
Author: Karen Ackerman
Illustrator: Stephen Gammell
Publisher: Alfred A Knopf Books

Here is one of my favorite books to read about family!  What better month to read about family than November. When you sit down around your table this Thanksgiving this year, take a moment to tell your Grandmother or Grandfather how much you love them. Too many people are without their loved ones and this time a year it highlights it a little more than any other time.