December 2013

I am going to be at the Sharon Library tomorrow (Dec 28th) at 1:00 for my last public show of the year!  You will have to wait until 2014 to see me if you miss this one!  Make sure you don’t!  Granted, it is only a week or so until the ball drops - but STILL!  Make sure you come to the Sharon Library!  Click the pic above for the link.

I hope everyone out there is staying warm and having the best holiday season!  My famitly and I are certainly enjoying ourselves - and my daughter had a blast opening all of her gifts yesterday that Santa brought her!  Here’s to seeing 2014!

Just Right
I know I rarely drop knowledge on this site for the masses to consume - but every once in a while I come across something so vital for every man, woman, and child to know I feel like I must share!

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upcoming shows

It’s crazy to think in a few weeks that a new year will be upon us. It just seems way too quick! I have included through February on the Upcoming Shows page - check it out! As always, if you’d like to book something for an upcoming month please give me a call anytime at (508) 641-5336

Later, Gators!

Title: Fossil
Author: Bill Thomson
Illustrator: Bill Thomson
Publisher: Two Lions

Bill Thomson continues to amaze and give David Weisner a run for his money in the wordless picture book category.  This book follows a young man discovering a special power where, after discovering a fossil, the thing appears in front of him - even though it has been extinct for millions of years.  The real adventure begins when he finds a fossil of a Pterodactyl.  Make sure you seek out this book and enjoy this amazing find!