March 2014

zoo bw
That’s right - you can come to the Buttonwood Park Zoo this morning and enjoy the animals! Including the most mysterious animal of them all, in his natural habitat, Big Ryan! Show begins at 11:00 today!


I realize that I have not updated the site in a while - so sorry - with Antone being born and March being extremely busy I hardly had time to do anything other than work and play with my son and daughter.  Just know that I have A LOT of upcoming shows and I am having a blast!


The pages I have shown here are from a school I visited in early March.  The children have an opportunity to eat lunch with the presenter - which that week they had 4 - they choose their favorite presenter and fill out an application to be chosen.  The organizers then pick about a dozen children to come and eat lunch with me.



I have all the applications - there were about 50 - and I read through them all.  I picked out some of my favorites here to present to you.  Some of them I chose because I was amazed at the penmanship of some of the children - others made me laugh, especially “Isabella” who informed us that she would be willing to give up her iPad for an entire year just to eat lunch with me.  Probably the most adorable thing I have ever read.


Take a look at the Upcoming Shows page as it has now been updated.  There are quite a few new shows added and Summer is coming fast - if you are looking to schedule something - please feel free to call me at (508) 641-5336.