April 2014


I remember being a young kid seeing the kids from my school get their pictures in the paper for various reasons.  Sports, events… I was always jealous.  I wanted to do something that would get my picture in the paper.  Now, I have been in the paper quite a few times and I have to say, I feel like that little kid again everytime I see a pic of myself in print, this time, proud that I made it into the paper.

The clip above is from a paper in NH where I was in early March this year.  Thank you to my Aunt who not only saw the pic - but cut it out and sent it to me.


Here is the awesome crowd of children waiting for me to start my show at the Independence Mall today - and when I began a whole lot more came!  It was fantastic!  What a turn out!  Even better - I put up a ”password” on my Facebook page to say to me after the show for a prize and a great number of kids did it!  Thanks for that!  I’ll be doing it again and again - so if you haven’t liked my Facebook page yet - click here - and do it today!

Make sure you come and check out my show at the Independence Mall in Kingston on Thursday at 1:00.  I will be hoping for a large crowd packed in the hallways and filling the mall with lots of laughter!  Make sure you mark it on your calendar!  Click the image above for more info!

Yes, April Vacation was here!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and more importantly, hope everyone tuned in to watch the Boston Marathon! Great weather and family was how I spent my long weekend - but I am off to t races tomorrow with a whole week of shows ahead!  Look below to see what I am up to and if I am in your area:

Tuesday’s Shows -

  • Townsend Public Library at 11:00am
  • Millis Public Library at 2:30pm

Wednesday’s Show -

  • Rowley Public Library at 10:30am

Thursday’s Shows -

  • Independence Mall in Kingston at 1:00pm
  • Week 4 (FINAL WEEK!) of Preschool Building Stories at the Plympton Library

Friday’s Show -

  • John Curtis Memorial Library in Hanover at 11:00am

Saturday’s Show -

  • Sandwich Tulip Celebration at 12:00pm

Come one and come all! Be REAL adventurous and come to them all!  Go to the UPCOMING SHOWS PAGE to find links for more information.  Please pay special attention to my Facebook page as I will be giving hints to all of the followers there on how to win FREE Big Ryan prizes like CDs and stickers!  If you have yet to like the page - go do it now!  It feels so good, like when your puppy licks your nose!

Brodie 1

Preschool Building Stories - Week 3 - is happening tonight at the Plympton Library.  If you have not come to the prior weeks it is fine - you can come tonight and have a blast playing with some puppets and getting some tips and tricks in the process!  For children 0-5 with their parents!

I will be posting the schedule for April Vacation very soon!


Having Monday off I had the day with my children… and still getting used to saying “children” rather than just child.  My boy is doing fantastic (except for a stuffy nose) and everyday he is growing before our very eyes.  I am in Sagamore both Tuesday and Wednesday for my annual visit to the fantastic Rainbow Preschool!  Thursday will be a long - but fun - day as I head to Greenfield, NH for a morning show - then come right back to Mass for the start of Preschool Building Stories at the Plympton Library!  That reminds me, I must call the director tomorrow to see how the sign-up is going… if you want to join us on Thursday please call the Plympton Library to sign up as space is limited!  Friday I am off to Maynard - a place I have yet to visit - to perform at the Green Meadow School!

The pic above is of the Great Blue Heron I saw after returning from the New Bedford shows this last Saturday.  I have been trying to capture a glimpse of one since I started birding, so this was a HUGE thrill for me.  Anyways, below are listed the public events I am doing - so please check it out!  Hope to see you soon!

  • Plympton Libary - Building Stories Week 1 (Call to sign up!)


Title: The Boy and the Airplane
Author: Mark Pett
Illustrator: Mark Pett
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

I am so excited since starting the Preschool Building Stories where I get to talk to librarians about their favorite titles - including my favorite books - the wordless picture books!  This is one of the more impressive books I have come across.  As I always tell the people who come to the workshops - wordless picture books are so fantastic and work so well with kids who have a great imagination - but they are even better for children with a more concrete way of thinking - with a harder time using their imaginations.  They also teach children that books are more about the fantastic stories inside and not just about learning to read.