May 2014

Title: Even Monsters Need Haircuts
Author: Matthew McElligott
Illustrator: Matthew McElligott
Publisher: Walker and Company

I was going to save this until October - but in reality I found this book last April in one of the Boston Public Libraries and have had it in the arsenal ever since.  I thought it was time to break it out and let the world know how much I love this book!  It’s a hilarious look at monsters and a little boy who wasn’t afraid to help them look their best!


I will be starting my day off tomorrow at the Pine-Fest where I will have the chance to tell my tales in the State Forest!  I am thinking that Wolf and Moose will be the most at home there - so most likely that is who will be joining me.  Make sure you come - get out of the rain - and have a blast with me tomorrow at Pine-Fest!  My shows begins at 10:30am!


Starts TODAY! Well, more accurately, this evening. Call the library if you’d like to register and join us. Click the link below for more information - see you tonight!

Link HERE!