June 2014

 lex and antone

The last vacation I went on was my honeymoon… eight years ago.  Amazingly, I usually don’t think about vacations.  I’m not the kind of person who feels he needs a vacation - my life is pretty fun as it is - but my wife convinced me it was time to take our little family to New Hampshire to visit Storyland.  I have to say - it was a blast!  I found out my daughter is a fan of rollercoaters and tea cups.  Now, of course, it is time to get back to work!  The latter end of  the week off was fun and all - but Summer is just getting started around these parts!  What follows below os my hectic schedule this week - mark your calendars!

  • Monday: Holmes Public Library, Halifax @ 6:30pm
  • Tuesday: Bourne Library @ 10:00am
  • Tuesday: Hull Family Network @ 6:30pm
  • Wednesday: Bellingham Library @ 11:00am


  • Friday, July 4th: Bridgewater Festival @12:00pm

For more information on these or any of my other future shows please visit the Upcoming Shows page - link at the top of the page or right at the side.  See you guys soon!


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UPDATE: The image now has a link to my FB page - sorry about that - and thank you Denny, for bringing that to my attention!

antone 1

This kid seriously can’t get any cuter.


Today, Friday, June 6th is national doughnut day - and Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away a free one when you buy a beverage!  Come doughnut lovers - UNITE!  Let’s all have some delicious sweet dough together.  What’s your favorite doughnut?  Say so on my FB page here! Like the page while you’re there!