July 2014

Here it is, folks!  The Hingham Library show will be happening at 2:00pm.  Be sure to get there early!  The show is always packed - and always entertaining!  Also, I will be giving a special hint on my Facebook to a password for a special prize to be given out at the end of the show!  If you haven’t liked my FB page - go do it NOW!  I will give out the password early tomorrow morning!

Also, keep note that I will be doing the Plymouth Library on Friday! This is my hometown library so, of course, it is my favorite show of the summer! See everyone soon!


I can’t believe it!  Really, I just can’t!  I haven’t had much time to get to my office this summer - sadly - so I haven’t been able to update my site much.  I do have a little time tonight where I can remind everyone to sign up for the Building Stories Workshop at the Jonathan Bourne Public Library starting on the 23rd at 1:00pm - it only runs 2 weeks - but it will still be a ton of fun!  Make sure you call today!

I will also start a Building Stories Workshop at the Kingston Library on the 30th at 5:30pm.  This will run the full 4 weeks - it’s a great opportunity to get your kids into the spirit of fun, creative writing and ready for school to begin (in week or so after the workshop ends… can you believe it?)

Keep in mind - take a look at the Upcoming Shows Page for all the remaining Summer shows - try to make it to them all!  The pics are of the Johnny Appleseed statue at the Johhny Appleseed rest stop in Leominster.  The pic below is because I can’t help myself sometimes…