August 2014

The Crazy group

The final workshop in the 4-week event has wrapped up.  This group might have been my favorite thus far with many, many fantastic stories pouring out of these kids that were both creative and well defined.  Each group seems to be more and more enthusiastic and that’s one of the best things to see!  I always look forward to doing a new workshop - and groups like these keep me wanting to never stop!

getting down to work

Title: The Giver
Author: Louis Lowry
Illustrator: N/A
Publisher: Laurel Leaf

It may be interesting to learn that I did not read this book in school.  I was never given the opportunity to read this classic in Jr or regular High School.  I’m sort of glad of that fact.  I’m not sure of I would have taken to reading it with such ferocity as I did when a friend recommended the book to me now.  I loved the tale of a community inflicted with sameness and the struggle that grew inside a little boy when faced with the knowledge of the world before the differences were disregarded.  Every twist made me want to read further - and even though I adore books with more open ended finales - I wish this one gave me a more concrete idea of where Jonas and the little one ended up.  I have heard that this book is a series - and I may have to look into the other books as well.  But as far as I am concerned, I had a blast discovering this classic.

I know there is also a movie coming - but do yourself a favor and read the book first.