November 2014


May this day be shared with family and fun and a whole lot of incredibly wonderful food!  For you, above I have a cartoon from my series “The Kid Inside”.  All of these cartoons are written and drawn by me!  Hope you enjoy!

this week

This week I will be filling myself up with cranberry-sauce - because it is delicious! That and plenty of dark meat from my Mother-in-Law’s amazingly tasty turkey.  I do love me some grand Thanksgiving meals!  I hope everyone out there is spending time with your favorite loved ones and eating until you explode with happiness over being able to have times like this!  Other than that I do have a few shows this week, including the finale of the Preschool Building Stories in Halifax on Black Friday.  Instead of feeding the consumerism machine come and spend time with your family at the Holmes Library finding some new ways to have fun reading together!  I promise you it is a grand, fun time!  Anyways, the schedule for my week is below:

  • Wednesday: Bright Horizons
  • Thursday: THANKSGIVING!
  • Friday: Week 4 (Final) of Building Stories at the Holmes Public Library in Halifax (Open to the Public)
  • Saturday: Eastward Ho! Country Club Cookie Party

As always, the Preschool Building Stories Workshops are open to the public and all are welcome to join whether you have come to earlier session or not! We will NOT be meeting at the John Curtis Library to finish the Preschool Building Stories Workshop this week but instead we will meet next week on Dec.5th.  Please check the Upcoming Shows page for more information on all of these shows.

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Foxboro, MA
  2. Halifax, MA
  3. Chatham, MA

ear 1

I was getting a coffee downtown Plymouthe and visiting the art museum there.  As I was walking toward the museum there were leaves blowing everywhere and I saw what looked like a leaf - but it wasn’t at all… as you can see below - it was a fake ear!  Halloween leftovers as someone on FB stated!

ear 2

Normally these posts are about funny, little incidents that happen, mostly about what I hear the children in the audience say but this one is a little different.  November is a slower month for me and I am not usually busy everyday - but last week was quite busy.  I met with a representative to Raising A Reader, a fantastic movement that started back in 1999 to help children and families have greater success in school through literacy practices at home.  If you’d like to read more about the program click here.

Anyways, the representative and I met to discuss my Building Stories Workshops that I present to the surrounding South Shore town libraries and she was very impressed with just how similar our programs are.  She even told me that was would love to bring her daughter to the workshop because it sounds so fun.  She used a lot of words like “awesome”, “super” and “fantastic” to describe what we’ve been doing my 4-week workshops.  It was a highlight of the week last week as I strive to make the Preschool Building Stories Workshops as informative but also as fun and enjoyable as possible!

Also, I finished the week off with a show at the Norwell Library where the librarian told me that it was the best show she has ever seen of mine.  She told me that I was “certainly at the top of my game” which is always a flattering and special thing to hear.  Thanks to Miss Nancy for making my week end right!

 this week

We are deep into November now and I am just plugging along with shows featuring Thanksgiving Tales!  My original tale of Melissa’s Turkey is a hit, as usual, and makes me smile to see all the reactions it gets.  The rundown for the week is below, make sure to mark your calendar if you see something you’d like to attend!

  • Monday: Clarke Elementary
  • Tuesday: Bright Horizons
  • Wednesday: WEEK 4 of Preschool Building Stories at the Paul Pratt Memorial Library in Cohasset! (Open to the Public)
  • Thursday: Head Start and Child Care
  • Friday: WEEK 3 of Preschool Building Stories at both the Holmes Library in Halifax and John Curtis Library in Hanover! (Open to the Public)

As always, the Preschool Building Stories Workshops are open to the public and all are welcome to join whether you have come to earlier session or not!  Please check the Upcoming Shows page for more information on all of these shows!

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Swapscott, MA
  2. Bedford, NH
  3. Cohasset, MA
  4. Taunton, MA
  5. Halifax , MA
  6. Hanover, MA


It’s a little over-due - but it id finally updated and current… at the moment.  I still have to email people back and return voicemails which may add shows to the roster.  That’s never a bad thing though…

Go to the Upcoming Shows page TODAY!

Title: Night of the Veggie Monster
Author: George McClements
Illustrator: George McClements
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Sort of a treat this time around - everyone should make sure to click on the image above to be brought to a video reading of this adorable and pretty hilarious book.  Even better though, go to your local book store (not that there are many left) and purchase this great book from this humorous author!  If there is something I can relate to the most it is having a picky-eater and wanting the stubborn little bugger just to try it!