December 2014


I had a great trip to Jenny Grist Mill on Monday morning with my daughter as we went birding.  We saw many different kinds of birds including a few rare sightings of the Eastern Bluebird, and an even rarer sighting of a Wood Duck still hanging arond after the warm weather has disappeared!






 this week

With the New Year around the corner I have to update the Upcoming Shows Page - I usually procrastinate setting things up for the new year because I like to look back on the year I’ve had instead of all the things I have coming up.  I do love working and all - but the end of the year I like thinking back to all the new places I’ve seen and the great people I met.  I don’t have any shows this week as I usually try to take this week to get my new brochures ready - speaking of which - here is a sneak peek of them:


I am mailing them out this week and also spending vacation time with my daughter.  All in all - great week!  Next week I have new Building Stories sessions starting up.  I will put the dates below - so mark your calendars!

Building Stories starting up next week:

  • CARVER LIBRARY @ 4:30pm - Jan 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
  • PLYMPTON LIBRARY @ 4:00pm - Jan 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

Remember, you don’t have to come to every session - but you should!  Each week we explore a different way to tell stories that you can use at home and make storytime fun for everyone!


I always get help with my cartoons either from my wife, my sister - or, in this case, a friend who informed me that the cartoon would be way funnier if we saw the damage of what Amy (the little girl in my cartoon is aptly named) has caused.  I agreed and scrapped the original version and re-drew it.  It was sage like advice as I like this, the new version, way better than the other.


Best part of this job is being able to see all the fantastic sights that New England has to offer.  The above image is from Provincetown and this is how they decorate the Pilgrim Monument.  It’s an amazing sight and you can see it from all over the town.  Amazingly, I was entertaining right next to the sight so I was able to get up close and personal.

eating trex

I also saw this at a Toys R Us while shpping for the kiddos.  Somebody there has a sense of humor… or they were having a educational tutorial about the Dinosaur’s diet… if they existed today.  The last pic, below, is from Plymouth.  My daughter and I were walking downtown one night and came across this lopster trap Christmas Tree on the Plymouth wharf.

lobster man

this week

I am pretty sure that this week will be plenty busy - even without many shows.  I am still entertaining at a school on Tuesday - but after that it’s vacation time!  My daughter will be home with me for two weeks straight.  I’m sure my wife is cringing at the thought of all the trouble the two of us can get in!  Of course, Thursday is Christmas, if you celebrate it or not I hope you have a wonderful day.  I know that I still get excited to see what’s under the tree for me that morning from the ones I love!

  • Tuesday - Blue River Montessori School

That’s all for this week folks!  A new round of Preschool Building Stories is set to begin in January and I hope all that can come will attend!  It should be a blast!

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Duxbury


Every comic strip I created about the Gym Teacher is based on a real person.  The Gym Teacher I had in high school.  He was fantasticly sarcastic and extremely honest with everyone.  I miss a lot of teachers - but maybe him in a different way.  He made an impression that lasted!  That’s for sure!


The Plympton Halifax Express ran an article on my Preschool Building Stories that took place in November at the Holmes Library.  I know I had a blast but it’s nice when you get a letter thank you for doing your job.  Even better, it’s nice when your job is trying to get people to enjoy telling stories more and more!



That’s right - my FB page has exclusive photos and up to the minute reminders about upcoming shows - so make sure you “Like” the page!  Click the F at the top for the link.


A winter time funny for you!

this week

I am going to Bridgewater Schools late in the week - very excited about that - some of my favorite people are there.  It’s always good to see friends you rarely get to visit, especially around the holidays!  Speaking of which, I hope everyone is having a stress-free holiday season.  One of my favorite things about celebrating Christmas is coming home every-night to a lit up Christmas Tree.  There’s hardly anything as calming as a Christmas Tree lighting your living room.  Anyways, on to the schedule!

  • Monday - Bright Horizons
  • Thursday - George Mitchell Elementary School
  • Friday - George Mitchell Elementary School
  • Saturday - Plymouth Police Department Christmas Party

Another week of no public shows - but they are coming in January!  So keep checking back for dates!  Also, if you’d like for me to visit your school or library let the powers that be know!  That’s the best way to have me visit your neck of the woods!

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Bedford, NH
  2. Bridgewater, MA
  3. Bridgewater, MA
  4. Plymouth, MA

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