Title: The Giver
Author: Louis Lowry
Illustrator: N/A
Publisher: Laurel Leaf

It may be interesting to learn that I did not read this book in school.  I was never given the opportunity to read this classic in Jr or regular High School.  I’m sort of glad of that fact.  I’m not sure of I would have taken to reading it with such ferocity as I did when a friend recommended the book to me now.  I loved the tale of a community inflicted with sameness and the struggle that grew inside a little boy when faced with the knowledge of the world before the differences were disregarded.  Every twist made me want to read further - and even though I adore books with more open ended finales - I wish this one gave me a more concrete idea of where Jonas and the little one ended up.  I have heard that this book is a series - and I may have to look into the other books as well.  But as far as I am concerned, I had a blast discovering this classic.

I know there is also a movie coming - but do yourself a favor and read the book first.