this week

A new week begins and I gear up for a fun week of shows including a visit to Quincy, to the Thomas Crane Library, where I can tell some stories once again to a great crowd. I enjoy visiting places multiple times through the years - or even annually - so that I can see some of the same people and catch up with the friends I’ve made over the years.

Also, if you would like a show for the winter, or even the new year, please give me a call at (508) 641-5336 anytime as I am booking now!

Here is the storytelling schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Oxford Public Library @10:30am
  • Tuesday: Jack N’ Jill Preschool @6:30pm
  • Saturday: Thomas Crane Public Library, Quincy @10:30am

Both libraries are open to the public so I hope to see some friends there! Please check the Upcoming Shows page for more information on all of these shows.

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Oxford
  2. Attleboro
  3. Quincy