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Big Ryan’s CDs are $15.00 each.

Hot Mustard & Grandpa’s Milk “Hot Mustard & Grandpa’s Milk”: 62 Mins. Contains: Alligator, Alligator / Sarah’s Little Brother / Carl the Poetic Dinosaur / Old Man Johnson / George and the Loose Tooth / Wolf and Moose / The Great Carrot Disaster / and More!…
Big Ryan’s Scary (but not that scary) Tall Tales for Children “Big Ryan’s Scary (but not that scary) Tall Tales for Children”: 54 Mins. Contains: Alligator, Alligator Remix / The Scared Crow / Charlie and Edgar / Father Frankenstein / Timmy / and More!…
The Kid Inside “The Kid Inside”: 58 Mins. Contains: Alligator Remix II / The Joke / Sarah’s Surprise / Soccer Poem / The Animal Song / George and the Flying Bicycle / I Know A Man / Smelly Pete / The Joke II / and More!…
Put Your Best Foot Backward “Put Your Best Foot Backward”: 54 Mins. Contains: Alligator Remix III / “What?” / The Bunny Bird / George and Shady / “Can’t Believe Everything You Read” / The Fishing Song / Carl The Poetic Dinosaurs “Names” / Big Ryan’s Goddnight Song / and More!…

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____________ Hot Mustard & Grandpa’s Milk CD: $15.00

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____________ The Kid Inside CD: $15.00

____________ Put Your Best Foot Backward CD: $15.00

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