Upcoming Shows


Enjoy supporting the small businesses and come for a rocking good time!  Enjoy the show and shop local!  It’s a win-win!


This will be so much fun - come by and have a blast!


I have finally been able to take a minute to update the Upcoming Shows Page - so go and check it out!  The December schedule will be up very soon so keep checking it out!


Show up at Whole Foods at 10:00am tomorrow and you can be in for an extra treat!  I will be telling my tales there and entertaining the healthy masses - come on by!


This weekend is the fantastically fun Corn Festival at the South Shore Science Center in Norwell.  I cannot wait to enjoy the upcoming days where I see many familiar faces coming to laugh along with the tales I tell!  Everyone comes with me - Moose and Wolf and Edgar and Uncle Charlie - with even the rare appearance from Max.  My shows are at 11:30am and 1:30pm on both Saturday and Sunday.  Bring your funny bones and your appetite!  Click on the image above to get more info!



Come to the Plympton Library at 2:00pm for my first fall show!  It will be so much fun - I can hardly stand it!  Make sure you get there nice and early to beat the rush!  I am nice and rested from the crazy summer schedule and looking forward to today’s show - so be there and be square!  Wait… that doesn’t sound right

It will be beautiful and sunny and a perfect day to enjoy a Waterfront Festival!  Come to Gray’s Beach and enjoy the day!  I have shows at 11:00am and 1:00pm.  The entire day will be wonderful but I have it on good authority that my shows will be the highlight of the whole thing!


Come to beautiful Eastham this Sunday for a fun-filled day starting with little old me!  The Hands on the Arts Festival is happening this Saturday and Sunday and you, well, EVERYONE should go!  It will be awesome and fun and all within celebrating the arts!  Come and have a blast!


I am activately adding the summer shows so keep an eye out for all the new dates!  If you’d like to book a date call me anytime at (508) 641-5336 or email me at ryanstalltales@hotmail.com and I will get back to you right away!


It was a long time coming - and I apologize for taking so long - but the UPCOMING SHOWS page has been updated… for now. Check out all the amazing things that will be happening in the upcoming months!

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