Big Ryan’s Tall Tales has been telling stories now for over 11 years! Big Ryan has kept up a quality show that children enjoy over and over!  Big Ryan’s has programs for all ages including:

Toddler Programs

Toddler Programs

The toddler programs focus more on Puppet Play and Music and Movement.  Due to the unpredictability and short attention spans of very young children these programs usually run about 25 to 30 minutes

Preschool - Elementary Programs

Elementary Pic

These programs feature Big Ryan’s original stories, puppet play, a bit of music and movement and a whole lot of fun!   Big Ryan has programs that are appropriate for preschool all the way to 5th grade.  These programs run about 45 minutes but have been known to sometimes go a full hour!

*An important notice about the timing of my shows:  Children by nature are very unpredictable and thus Big Ryan never guarantees any set amount time that a show will last.  Although, usually he can keep the children wildly entertained for the amount of time above.  For more information and for tips on a great storytelling session click here!

Building Stories - Storytelling Workshops for Children

Buttonwood Zoo

These are very excitig children’s workshops that promote literacy, dialogic reading, cooperation and sharing ideas - as well as confidence and writing skills! For more information about these fantastic workshops click here

Contact information Contact Big Ryan for any of your storytelling needs:

  • Preschool
  • Public School
  • Libraries
  • Special Events

Check the list of available dates on my Upcoming Shows page.


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