May 2009

My Little Girl

My wife and I went for a 3-D ultra sound today.  We saw our little girl just how she looks right now!  She has a whole bunch of hair and her Mother’s cute button nose!  You can also see part of the umbilical cord on the right,  She kept on holding/ playing with it during the ultrasound.  See you soon Alexandra!

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I wish there was more to talk about in May!  I’m so sorry - I feel as though I’ve been ignoring the visitors to my site.  I have 2 great posts for you today - the first is about the Wilmington Library that I visited last Saturday.  Great show!  Great crowd!  There was a nice mix of older and younger kids who all enjoyed “Sarah’s Little Brother” and said hello to Charlie and Edgar and Alligator!




As I was singing “The Lion Hunt” with a group of preschoolers today, and we got to the part where we go through the mosquitoes, one little girl shouted out “Don’t worry!  I have Bug Spray!”

Title: Shh… Don’t Tell Mr. Wolf
Author: Colin McNaughton
Publisher: Red Wagon Books

Who doesn’t LOVE flap books? This is one of the first books I ever bought when I became a teacher. The kids responded to this story about Mr. Wolf searching, page to page, through houses and grocery stores, for a little pig named Preston. If you talk in a nice, grumbly voice for Mr. Wolf - but then whisper when saying the repeated title “Shh… Don’t Tell Mr. Wolf!” and you pull down the flap to reveal where Preston is hiding. My favorite part of this story is right in the beginning where Mr. Wolf is searching in the bathroom and there is a little flap on the toilet seat. When lifted it says “Don’t be silly!” It makes me chuckle every time. Make sure to check this book out!

- Big Ryan